Worker Satisfaction - It is Pretty Bad Out There

Here are a few stats that were in a recent article in Fast Company.

A 2103 Gallup Poll on the State of the American Workplace found some pretty striking (staggering) statistics.

70% of workers are either NOT ENGAGED or are ACTIVELY DISENGAGED. While I can't tell you exactly what those states mean, let's just go with face value for meaning.


70% not engaged at work.


This has not changed much since the question was asked in 2000!


Another study in the Fast Company article reported that 84% of employees STRONGLY AGREE or SOMEWHAT AGREE with this statement:  "I feel trapped in my current job and want to find a new position elsewhere."


84% feel trapped and want a different position. WOW.


Think about it this way. If you have 50% of your employees that enjoy their work, like where they are working and are reasonably productive - you are doing WAY BETTER than average.


To say it mildly - we have a problem of epidemic proportions at our places of work. And a crisis of non-productivity that is almost beyond understanding.


The reasons for this are many and they are complex . . . so what I say next is not meant to be simplistic. But - some of the fault must lie with the managers, supervisors and "bosses" of those frustrated, "checked-out," "wanting to be someplace else" employees.


Two questions to end this post.


As an employee - are you part of these stats. How are you feeling about where you work.


As a "boss" - what are you doing to create a different work place where the employees love the organization, love their job and love the leadership team?


Brian K. Rice

Leadership ConneXtions International