Wisdom from an Air Force Pilot (part 3)

Today's version of wisdom is based on the saying "It's better to be down here wishing you were up there, than up there wishing you were down here". This is a patently obvious saying but it is almost an 'armchair quarterback' kind of statement.  The longer you pilot aircraft the great the chance that you will find yourself in one of those situations that raise the stress level.  Anxiety while you are in an airplane in a dangerous situation has much greater significance the anxiety found in other life situations.  The possibility of 'being the first one at the scene of the accident" are real and palable. The adrenaline begins to flow, you become laser focused on getting the airplane back on the ground and you just want to distance yourself from the crisis.

There are a few solutions that can increase your survival.  The three foundational emergency procedures that all Air Force pilots learn are:

1. Maintain aircraft control - if you miss this one the rest of the procedures become irrelevant

2. Analyse the situation and take proper action - make sure that you understand what the problem really is, don't solve the wrong problem or apply the wrong solution

3. Land as soon as conditions permit - bring your world back into balance again in a mature, thought through process.

It doesn't take much interpretation to draw parallels with our spiritual lives.  There are times where we find our lives in a crisis, serious problems that actually could lead to very bad results.  Following the above procedures although designed for pilots can be critical.  Instead of using the Aircraft Manual we use the Bible as the emergency procedure book, but as in flying, it's too late if you are in the crisis.  You need to have prepared for situations like this well in advance of the crisis.

Developing a learning plan for yourself, spending time the Bible and experiencing the heart transformation that God desires will prepare us for those future challenges.

John Hilliard

Leadership Connextions International