Wisdom from an Air Force Pilot (part 1)


Part of my past includes serving as a pilot in the U.S. Air Force.  There were so many things I learned in my training as a pilot, things that apply in many othe disciplines of life.  These sayings are simple, relevant and often profound.  I will be sharing some of these in the blog over time. 

"There are old pilots and bold pilots but there are no old, bold pilots".  Flying is an inherently dangerous activity, gravity is one of those physical laws that we are all subject to and for the pilot there is an intensity of gravity that magnifies the impact, literally.  This saying has many implications but the greatest relates to arrogance. By bold pilots we mean those who ignore their own limits or the limits of the airplane.  When you followed the tried and true rules and laws of flying you eliminate or reduce much of the risk inherent in the activity.  When you think that you are smarter than the rules, an egotism that puts you above the rules is often fatal.  In life there are similarities.  They seldom have such devastating physical and mortal results but often very painful with collateral damage to those around us. 

Even knowing this truth I find myself ignoring some of the rules.  Take the 7 deadly sins.  I know what they are but think that I am smarter than those rules and can get away with them.  It is serious business and while not always fatal it does damage our souls and separates us from the source of life, Jesus.

John Hilliard

Leadership Connextions International