Winston Churchill on Leadership: Work, Command, Create

Churchill on LeadershipWork Like a Slave!  
Command Like a King!  
Create Like a God

Winston Churchill has been a long standing favorite of mine. I spent a year where I used him as a historical mentor. I read quite a bit about him, although I never read many of his own books. At some time in the future, I know I would benefit if I took the time to read what Churchill wrote.

Here is a nice short article that gives you some exposure to the leadership way of Churchill.
Work like a slave, command like a king, create like a god.

Whether you ultimately agree (or not) with Churchill or this article's description of him, without any doubt, Churchill was used to mobilize the British Nation to resist Nazi tyranny. Churchill inspired a nation with his own moral vision of heroic resistance against the worst tyranny of modern time (surpassed only by communism states of our times.

If you like Churchill and want a short but more substantial exploration of his way of leadership, check out Churchill On Leadership. A very readable and immediately practical book.

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International