Why Read?

Advice From a Theologian for Communicators
You know how much LCI values Life Long Learning. We believe leaders are those who learn. Great leaders are those who have outstanding capacities to learn. And a very good case can be made that some of the most vital learning will come about through reading. Leaders need to have ways to access the most exciting, innovative ideas. Leaders also need to know how to draw from the wisdom of the past. Skill in reading is vital.

In an age that has been aptly described as The Shallows, those who know how to read deeply, think and reflect wisely and then be specific and concrete in the application of this acquired knowledge - they have a major ADVANTAGE over those who do not, cannot or will not read.

So I was intrigured by the brand new, little book by Cornelius Plantinga Jr. By the way, he has written what I belive is the best book there is on the nature and problem of sin. If you ever have the interest, read his Not the Way It is Suppose to Be. You can read an excellent article on the book at this site. But the book for this post is Reading for Preaching: The Preacher in Conversations With Storytellers, Biographers, Poets and Journalists.

I want to generalize and expand the audience to Communicators in general, and then for leaders. For great leadership is all about communication. If you can communicate AND if you have worthwhile things to communicate - you have a major ADVANTAGE over those who cannot communicate.

Now, while communication involves many things, at the front end is when the preacher, communicator, leader does the necessary work to download the best ideas, stories, illustrations, motivation, illumination, and more that will then make GREAT COMMUNICATION possible.

So - read. Read as much as you can. Read widely. Read reflectively. Read to learn, read for fun, read to grow . . . read.

Here is the list of reasons Plantinga provided in his little book. See how many of them apply to you.

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International

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