Whether You Fail or Prevail...

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I have a recent conversation with a young leader. This person has some real gifts and has been working on those gifts. I was actually pretty impressed. They are REALLY working on their personal development.

So I asked them - why? Where is the energy coming from that fuels their commitment to the hard work of personal development. Again - I was quite impressed with what he said. 

"No one is going to do my growing for me. If I don't grow, it is because I chose not to. If I do grow, I know it is in part because I made the commitment, I put in the time, I paid the costs, I went out and found the resources, I found mentors" (a role which I had for him).

No sense of entitlement on the part of this emerging leader.

No sense that the world or an organization or anyone OWES HIM ANYTHING.

No waiting around for handouts.

No assuming "lucky breaks' are a good strategy for future success.

No blaming the world around him if things don't work out.

One of the small group of qualities I look for in people I mentor is a well developed sense of personal responsibility. That is essential for the habit of being a self-starter. This is essential for the acquisition of great work habits.  Those who are highly responsible - you usually don't have to do much managing. Not much managing, but lots of mentoring accelerates their career.

These very same qualities are essential for anyone who is going to be a LifeLong Learner. 
Highly responsible
Great work habits for learning
Self-directed (meaning they figure out and engage with what they need to learn)


I smile as I think of this young leader. Wide open horizons... great potential... a life and ministry of fruitfulness... successful leadership - these things are going to be his experience.

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International