What Are You On To?

And Are You On To Something Good?

on to something good

The Apostle Paul was finally on to something good (and it was on to him as well). It was not that Paul had not been on to something before. He was. He was on to it intensely. It is that now, Paul was on to something much different, Someone Way Better. He was on to Jesus Christ crucified, risen and ascended (see Acts 9). And Jesus was on to Paul (and in to Paul - which is the more biblical way of saying it).

Paul was so on to Jesus and Jesus was so in to Paul that Jesus was Paul's passion and mission and ministry. Jesus was the direction and orientation for his life. Once Paul got on to Jesus, there was no turning back. Only a passionate pressing on. For the full story of that - read Philippians 3:1 - 4:1. You will see what Paul had been on to and now, how absolutely Paul was on to Jesus.

Augustine was on to something. It has been described in a variety of ways. Augustine was on to the way of the awakened heart. On to "longing for God." On to a "deeply surrendered will." On to "the city of God." On to grace and faith. Actually, Augustine was on to a lot of things and he had the capacity to be on to a lot of things. After all, he too had been on to some real bad stuff, of a great variety in his younger days. You can read all about it in Confessions.

Luther was on to something. Grace. Faith. Justification. Atonement. He was so on to this, that he nailed the summary of what he was on to, to the door of Castle Church, Wittenberg. The document was called 95 Profoundly Wise Ideas for Reviving a Dying Church With the Life of Christ. Well, actually, they were called the 95 Theses... but that is what they were. Luther couldn't help himself. He started a reformation movement that couldn't be stopped. He was so on to these great themes that mattered the most and the Great Savior Jesus, that he was willing to die for what he was on to. "Here I stand. God help me. I can do nothing else" he said to his accusers-enemies.

And on it goes. Great women and men become great because they are on to something great.

  • Teresa of Avila was on to something profound about prayer and the spiritual life.
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. was on to something about racism and non-violent revolution to bring about a better society.
  • Billy Graham was on to a new way of doing evangelism.
  • Rick Warren was on to a purpose driven church.
  • Ruth Haley Barton was on to contemplative spirituality for moderns and post-moderns.

Anyone who is a leader you know - they are on to something and that something is on to them. If you want to be a leader - you need on to something.

But make sure you are on to something good. For there are lots of bad things (and some of them are really bad things) you can be on to.

If you want to be a beautiful leader - then you need to be on to something beautiful that is making you a beautiful leader. Makes sense - doesn't it?

If you want to be a good and generous leader - then you need to be on to goodness and generosity and becoming such yourself.

One of the worst things, I guarantee you - it is really bad, you can be on to is this: Be on to your self. That is a surefire way to be on to something that is going to ruin you. Be on to your ego. Your ambition. Your insecurity. Your neediness. Your outrage. Your reputation. Your status. Your power and authority. Your gifts. Your talents. However and whatever you might be on to it (and usually, it is a collection of things about your self you are on to) - that is about the worst thing you can be on to. You have seen it. I have seen it. When we see it - brrr....

Here is another bad thing to be on to. Be on to another leader who is on to their "self." Jesus didn't mince words about this. He spoke directly to the Pharisees who were on to their own self-righteousness (a very bad thing to be on to) about their tendency to turn those who were on to them into "twice as much a child of hell" as is the Pharisee (see Matthew 23 for the total picture).

Above all - make sure that what you are on to and what is on to you is good, true, beautiful, and profoundly biblical. 
Above all - make sure that what you are on to and what is on to you - is always, a way of being on to Jesus.

Then, when you done this - then really be on to it.  

So - what is it that you are on to?
What would you like to be "on to?"

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International