We Love Being Right and Looking Good

Gospel identity, adoption, union in ChristWe love being right and looking good - pretending that we're better than we really are. We also love pretending that the people around us are more messed up than we are - that way we've given ourselves permission to yell at them, shame them, criticize them, or crush them.  (Pretty near exact quote from Gospel identity, published by World Harvest Mission. My handwiriting was illegible at several places, so I guessed as to what I had copied.)

You know what is more than a little ironic. I was in a conversation where a staunch believer in the Sonship program of Gospel Identity believed his theology and spirituality was MUCH better than mine, and that my theology and spirituality were seriously inadequate... and so he did yell (well he raised his voice and got into a major LECTURE mode), shame me, criticize me, condemn my thinking and do what he could to crush me. 

I guess that just shows how broken and damaged we all are. Even when we think we have a great spiritual theology, that doesn't mean we live according to it. So thank God for grace... I mean, really - Thank God for grace, right now. Let's do that togehter... and ask for more of it to fill our lives.

With that - I think the Gospel Identity statement is really good. Really, Really Good! At these deep levels we (and I am one of the chief of sinners) are profoundly wounded and damaged by our pride and ego. This is often manifested in insecurity and our need to get the approval and respect of others. I have worked with many leaders who were horribly insecure and then rather blatant in their need to get approval from others.

Our insecurity and need for approval leads us to pandering behaviors, posturing and pretending (to be secure, confident, etc. when we are the exact opposite). Out of this posture we present ourselves to others... in misleading and harmful ways.

Then, to make sure we feel good about ourselves, we have to move to a place of judgement and criticism toward others. If we can put them down, then conversely and perversely, we think we will be lifte up. Just the other day I was in a real critical mode against the theological system I think has "real issues." 

Of course, this is why we don't love one another as Jesus commanded, nor experience the unity of the body of Christ which Jesus intended (this too is part of the Gospel of Christ).

So, once again, let's rejoice at what Christ has done for us in saving us, let's be full of vital optimism about the transforming dynamic of the Holy Spirit within us, and let's say Yes and Amen to the daily work of recreation... Looking for the day when Jesus completes the good work He has started.

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International

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