Waking Up Insanely Early

early morning alarm clockTry It and See What You Think?

Here was a recent article that I recommend and which I also found a little amusing.

The recommendation that I like is to try and wake up Insanely Early to get a great launch to your day.

What I found a little funny was the personal illustration of getting up at 6:30 as the author's insanely early time.

If I get up at 6:30 I am about 90 minutes to two hours behind schedule.

Still, the idea recommended is a good one.

I have a friend who decided to get up 30 minutes earlier every day to get some reading in. They realized they had no other time in the day when they could do this consistently, so early morning was the time to try it. So far -- so good for my friend.

SUGGESTION: Read the article and try an experiment for about two weeks. See what happens? Be sure to make your early morning time meaningful. Devotional time, personal develoment time, exercise time. Do something that will be very meaning and developmental for you.

And of course, here is the great quote from Benjamin Franklin... really a quote on being industrious.

Benjamin Franklin quote, early to bed, industrious

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International