Waiting, Still Waiting

Waiting is a period of learning.
The longer we wait, the more we hear
about him for whom we are waiting.  
Henri Nouwen

The Christmas Season, although you would never know it now, is about waiting. Think of both Simeon and Anna, the two stories about Jesus being presented in the temple after his birth. Both Anna and Simeon had been waiting.

Waiting for a long time. A very long time.

The entire Jewish nation had been waiting.

We are not so good at waiting in our time. We want our gratification instantly. We want our needs supplied immediately. We want our dreams to materialize - quickly. We want our problems resolved - now. We want our questions answered - right away. We want We want our happiness - right here, right now, not delayed in any way.

God leans toward the spiritual discipline of waiting... God waits... and God makes us wait.

Waiting is a time when we learn. 
We learn to trust patiently, or to act independently.
We learn to hope joyfully, or to murmur and grumble pessimistically.
We learn to live with the tensions, or to prematurely resolve them in manners of our own choosing.
We learn to listen, to hear and to discern, or we fill the silence with the clamor of our own talking.

We learn to know God... or not!

Waiting has long been one of God's chosen ways of interacting with the world He loves. But there comes a time when the time is Right, the time is Now Here, the time is Kairos (momentous, full of portents) and God acts lovingly and with great intention.

Christmas time is when this rhythm of waiting and fulfillment is celebrated, remembered and relived.

For what are you waiting?
For whom are you waiting?
How are you waiting?

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International