An Unwavering Dedication to Reality

mental health is an ongoing process of dedication to reality at all costs, M. Scott Peck

Here is the full quote by M. Scott Peck. For easier internet reading, I broke it into sections. You can find it in The Road Less Traveled, page 50.

Truth or reality is avoided when it is painful. We can revise our maps only when we have the discipline to overcome that pain.

To have such discipline, we must be totally dedicated to truth. That is to say we must always hold truth, as best we can determine it, to be more important, more vital to our self-interest, than our comfort.

Conversely, we must always consider our personal discomfort, relatively unimportant and, indeed, even welcome it in the service of the search for truth.

Mental health is an ongoing process of dedication to reality at all costs.

You can add or substitute emotional health and spiritual health where Peck speaks of mental health. This is so wise at many levels.

Reality is what matters. Not just your interpretation of reality. We all tend toward distortion bias. We all misrepresent reality in our own favor, to make it less painful. Such a strategy is doomed and destined for failure, and greater pain the longer we spin doctor reality.

It takes hard work, time, discomfort, and discipline to make significant mental (emotional, spiritual, worldview) change.

This is one reason why quick conversion to a "new faith" is usually suspect. Paradigm shift like that does not happen quickly or easily. If it happens in those ways, it happens superficially.

This is also one reason why ongoing transformation in the new faith is intermittent. We usually do not know what we have "gotten ourselves into." When it comes to Jesus Christ, we have gotten ourselves into a great deal, a beautiful deal, but a costly deal. 

So to paraphrase M. Scott Peck . . .

Christianity is an ongoing process of dedication to the reality of Christ at all costs.

May we be willing to make that long obedience of dedication in the same direction.

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International