The Two Things You Must Do Today

The two things you must do today! Having a great day of work is as easy as doing two things... but the two things are hard.

First, you must do good work. Whatever it is you are doing, do it really well. Make, create, build, develop, contribute, fix, repair, service, assess, advise . . . . . Whatever you do today that is at the CORE OF YOUR CALLING - do it really, really well.


Second, share it with others. Don't hoard it. Don't possess it. Don't protect it. Don't control it. You are here to add valule to the world. Once you do good work - then give it away (not necessarily for free, after all you do have to make a living) but get it out there, spread it around, make it readily available. Why did you do good work in the first place? What is you deepest motivation? I hope it is:

  • to truly add value to others,
  • to make a difference,
  • to leave a set of footprints others will walk in,
  • to inspire and move,
  • to improve, enhance and uplift . . .

Here is why these two things are hard. To do good work, to continually do good work, means you must be continually learning, growing, developing, acquiring new abilities or getting stronger in the essential capacities for your work. It means you do not settle for "good enough." It also means you need help from others. You need their feedback, you need their best ideas, their partnership with you. For doing GREAT WORK always requires working together with other great people.

It is also difficult because we all want credit for our work. We all become possessive. We all like to be noticed. There is a lot of competition out there, some of it quite cutthroat. I think we all know what that kind of ego-driven leadership and work has produced? A new way of being in community, teamwork, and collaborative, creative partnership is the way of the future. But it is hard.

This is your assignment for today and every day. Do good work and share it with others. At the end of your workday, take just 5 minutes and reflect on how you did. Make the necessary adjustments so that tomorrow will be a better day.

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International

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