True Wisdom - I Wonder If You Have It?

I Know You Need It!

For Daniel Goleman and John Calvin, it involves Self-Awareness
First - Goleman. When Daniel Goleman reminded us that effective leadership that is emotionally healthy - begins with Self-Awareness, he had not stumbled on a new insight. It was a piece of wisdom that the great philosophers and theologians of history already knew. Goleman simply put it into a psychological framework (and a very helpful one I might add).

With self-awareness you are positioned to attend to self-management. Once you are at that place, you are now able to be aware of and present to the states of others. Then, as a leader, you move into the work of "managing" (not manipulating) their emotions through your own healthy engagements with them. This has quite a bit of overlap with the work on a non-anxious presence.

Now - John Calvin.
John Calvin was one of the great Reformers who gave birth to Protestantism. He was a prolific preacher, teacher and author. His magisterial work is The Institutes of the Christian Religion, which is a "systematic spirituality" of the Christian Life. Near the beginning of The Institutes, Calvin addresses the crucial issue.

What is true and solid Wisdom?
For Calvin, it is two things. The true knowledge of God and the true knowledge of "self." For Calvin, there is s a deep symbiotic, synergistic relationship between the two. As you come to truly know God, you are able to truly know yourself (as one created by God, fallen from God, loved by God, pursued by God, redeemed by God, restored by God, called, set apart, directed, empowered, guided). All of this reveals a profound dependency. Who I am is dependent on God. And who I will be depends on my response to God! (You can't forget this!)

The as I know myself, I begin to know God as - Creator, Lord, Lover, Redeemer, Guide, Holy & Just Presence, Sovereign, Savior, Friend, Source of Everything . . .

So - how do I gain this knowledge of God and this knowledge of self?
Well, that is a long answer and one that needs many good posts. But I will say this: It involves the pursuit of God, the study of God, the daily reflection about God, the meditations on the Scriptures (Old and New Testament), the considerations of the great devotional classics of the past (written by those who knew God and knew their self).

Like all good and necessary things in life - it takes time, energy, love and commitment.

May you have all that in the season ahead and may you then gain the Wisdom about self that you need for faithful and fruitful leadership.

Brian K. Rice
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