Too Many Precautions

Psychologist Alfred Adler says one of the chief dangers you will face in life is taking too many precautions about your life. Hmmm. Living with too much caution, care and concern. Obviously, you need to have some. But TOO MANY is the problem.

How many precautions can you really take to protect yourself?
Or to assess whether a risk is worth it?
Or whether to dare to love when your heart has been broken?
Or to safeguard your children from failure, pain and rejection/
Or... Or... Or...

We are a cautious people.
We want to hedge our bets and protect our assets.
We don't want to risk too much, dare too much, dream too much.

We don't want to go too far outside the comfort zone.
We don't want to dance to close to the edge.
We don't want to disturb the status quo too much.

When people are asked, "What regrets do you have about your life?" do you know what they almost always REGRET THE MOST? They regret not having taken more chances, seized more opportunities, gone outside that comfort zone, dared to dream, live life large, explore horizons... that is what we regret. The opportunities we let go of. Often because the precautions, boundaries, barriers, protections and conditions were in place that made it all but impossible to actually live a large life.

How about you?
Is Adler on target?
Are you going to have regrets for not having lived a large life?
Are you going to regret living with too many precautions and not enough faith?
How about this coming week?

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International