Tim Keller and John Piper talk about C.S. Lewis

It is IMPOSSIBLE for me to exaggerate how much I like C.S. Lewis. Every year I re-read several of my favorite Lewis books. Every year I read one or two new books about Lewis. The great book this year was the new one by Alistar McGrath (see the image to the right),  In recent months I decided to create  Pinterest Board full of favorite Lewis quotes. It is an evolving board. You can see those images by clicking here.

Through Lewis I was introduced to G. K. Chesterton (I don't remember exactly how that happened, but I am so glad it did). And one contemporary writers who is imbides the spirit of Lewis is Peter Kreeft. Through Kreeft, I came to value Lewis even more. Of course, I am a "hard core" Tolkien Raving Fan and I have always enjoyed reading about the friendship and iron sharpening iron conversations of the Inklings (of which Lewis and Tolkien were core).

There are many good and often long videos about Lewis on the internet.

Yesterday I listened to one by two other favorite authors - Tim Keller and John Piper. It is an interview where Piper is asking Keller about the influence Lewis had on Keller. it is about ten minutes, but delightful, and for me, motivational. Here it is. Enjoy... and then read the few short thoughts.

I believe it is vital that leaders are connected to writers like Lewis whose imagination, intelligence, wit and reverence produce literature that stir and nurture our souls.

Hey - two quick questins:
What is your Favorite C. S. Lewis book?
When did you first read a C. S. Lewis book?

My favorite book is The Great Divorce. I read it every year, and sometimes more then once a year.
I read Mere Christianity as my first Lewis book, I believe my sophmore year in college - 1975, and soon after that began reading the Narnia stories.

Brian K. Rice
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