Three Responsibilities for Senior Leaders

And for the Rest of Us Leaders As Well!


Somewhere, someone must have said, "Of the making of lists about leadership - there is no end!" If someone, somewhere has not said this, I'll be the first to go on record and say - there are too many lists out there. Still, the brain likes lists. The memory appreciates bullet points that are organized. So here is one of the lists. I think it is a good list. It comes from Michael Lindsay, and his book, View From the Top, where he did substantial and wide research on the nature of power and authority. I think he is well positioned to give us his list of Three Core Responsibilities That Senior Leaders Need to Do.

Manage your time and energy wisely and well.
As I am working on a volume of leadership exercises on personal productivity, this lesson has been hammered into my awareness More than once. Leadership is difficult, demanding and draining. Superior time, energy, and priority are needed to achieve and sustain great results.

Motivate and empower your people.
I stand up and cheer on this one. Yes. Organizations are really collections of people who are collaborating together to get a desired end. People are not the greatest asset. The right people are the greatest asset. The right people are those who are the well trained people in the right places, where they can make great contributions. Leaders get people in the right place, and then get them resources they need. Finally, they give great feedback.

Build an organizational culture with a vision of human flourishing.
This is a weighty one. Organizations are located within a culture. Organizations exist for the sake of the wider culture to flourish. The culture, customer, clients, constituents are all looking to flourish. The institutions of society are designed to flourish when the organizations and institutions within the culture aim to do that. And most workers want to do something meaningful, something that matters, something that, in the end, made a difference.

So how you are you doing on these responsibilities?
How would your team say you are doing on them?

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International