The Three E's of Good Work

The Good Work Project has identified three key components that must be present for work to be considered good work.

Your work must be excellent.
Mediocre skills, average ability, generic competency is not sufficient for good work. One of the things I constantly set before leaders is the need for excellence. Work hard to learn, grow and develop. Leverage your gifts as best you can. Make them stronger. Grow them until you are outstanding in the use of your strengths. Trying is not sufficient. That is just the beginning. This is why leaders must be life long learners. This is why leaders need mentors. 

Your work must be ethical.
This is the value side of work. Here is where morality and character enter in. Good work is work that has goodness infused in it. Good work is when you are efficient and effective and ETHICAL. Care, concern, dignity, respect, kindness, fairness, shalom/peace, integrity - all this is needed for good work.

You must be engaged.
It is pretty striking the high percentage of workers who are disengaged, or who are only partly engaged at work. We need to belong. We need to be attached and connected to the mission, the organization, the team, the people, the values, and the work itself. Engaged people are not only most productive, they are also the happiest.

How would you assess yourself on these three components? 
How well are you on your way to doing good work?

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International