Thomas Carlyle "The Engraver"

Leaders Lead.
They lead by making an imprint on others.
They lead by "leaking" into the organization around them - values, beliefs, dreams, ethos...
They lead by influence.

Carlyle was such a Leader. Here is an observation about Carlyle's person and how others experienced him. It is spoken with warmth and respect by Richard Herne Shepherd who wrote the long introduction to the published inaugural address - On the Choice of Books.

Thomas Carlyle quote  On the Choice of Books  leaders imprint and influence

Carlyle was in the world and not of the world. 
This is what all followers of Jesus are called to be and do. 

But we had best be sure that the mark we live is good, true and beautiful.
May your mark be exactly that this day.

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International