Thomas Carlyle on Books and Work

I love quotes. I collect them. When I find really, really good ones, I go looking for images and I mash the quote and image together. 

I have some favorite authors who are eminently quotable. C. S. Lewis is one of them. G. K. Chesterton another. Thomas Carlyle is one author who is much less known to most of you, but who is inspiring and witty. Thomas Carlyle is one of the old writers (of the 1800s), philosoher, historian, cultural critic and in all things wide and deep sage, as well as a fine writer. To learn more about Carlyle, read this article. 

For the next several days, I will give you one or two of his quotes to consider. They are all from his inaugural address at Edinburgh University when he was installed at the Rector on April 2, 1866. The lecture was published as an essay - On the Choice of Books.

Use these quotes as nuggets of insight to carry with you throughout the day.

Thomas Carlyle quote On The Choice of Books  books and work

I like this quote because of the balance. Carlyle was a lover of books and learning. But he was also an emminently practical man who understood that life is in motion and we must be as well. You learn some things from books and other things from working your way through life. The truly wise person learns from books and from life, and merges them together.

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International