Thomas Carlyle and Thinking Great Thoughts

In the last few months I have been really enjoying the thoughts and insights of Thomas Carlyle. He was a Victorian Era author/essayist who was immersed in the literature of philosophy, history, society, the arts, and theology. He was raised in the Scottish Presbyterian branch of the Christian faith, but walked away from that faith as a young man.

Still, there were significant Christian worldview themes that were his constant compaion and which framed his later thinking. I find him simply fascinating and stimulating. Even when I disagree, his WORD-SMITHING brilliance as a writer enables him to say things in a way that seem fresh and intriguing.

I have a running collection of his quotes put in an image format. Today's post is a simply a LINK and an ENCOURAGEMENT to check out some of his great thoughts on the resource page of the LCI website.

Brian K. Rice
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