Thinking, Doing, Being - All in Alignment

the conduct of our lives is the true reflection of our thoughts, Michel De Montaigne

The conduct of our lives is the true reflection of our thoughts. Michel De Montaigne

I want to set this idea alongside a closely related on from the Proverbs. 
As a person thinks in their heart, so they are. Proverbs 23:7

We learn from Proverbs, just how powerful our thoughts are...which is VERY powerful. Thoughts are foundational and formative. They are essential and vital. They are the beginning. 

Now, to that proverbial idea, we should add the insight of Montaigne. His contribution is that our TRUE thoughts, our REAL thoughts, our PROFOUNDLY HELD thoughts will be manifested in our lives. That manifestation or display of a changed life reveals just how powerful the thought was.

I would say it this way. Thoughts are essential, but not sufficient. To excellence of thoughts, we must add the discipline of application and integration of those ideas.

I know I have many thoughts in me, that are not reflected in my life and leadership. Many of these thoughts are indeed excellent thoughts. They are worthy thoughts. It is just that they do not see the light of day. They remain locked away in the dusty corridors of my neuronal pathways. They don't make the long journey from ideation to activation.

In that case, you could be forgiven for wondering if I truly believed them.
I may say, I believe in forgiveness, but if I don't forgive - there is no evidence.
I may say, I believe in collaboration, but if I never collaborate - there is no indication I actually believe that way.

How I live is the true indicator of what I think and believe. If I truly believe a thought, and I sincerely want it to be true in my life, then I will act on it and you will see it. If I do not act on what I think, then it makes little or no difference that I ever thought that way.

What GREAT and AWESOME thoughts are inside you that need some work to see the light of day?

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International