Take Intelligent Risks

there can be no great accomplishment without risk, Neil Armstrong, quote on riskSo, tell me, did you take any RISKS this past week? 
Inspire me with a story of a risk you took.
What did you do?
Why did you do it?
How confident were you when you did it?
How much risk was there?
Where did you find the courage and faith to take this risk?
What were you hoping to achieve through this risk-taking?

I posed these questions to a small group of leaders. Silence.....  Long, pregnant, uncomfortable, silence... Then a great discussion. About risk, vision, challenges, security and insecurity, fears, courage . . .

only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go, T. S. Eliot, quote on risk.******

definition 1:  a situation involving exposure to danger
definition 2:  a probability or threat of damage, injury, loss, liability or any negative occurrence
synonyms: endanger, imperil, jeopardize, hazard, gamble

This is one of my favorite quotes on risk, by the great poet, T. S. Eliot.


There are calculated risks and there are impulsive risks.
There are intelligent risks and there are foolish risks.
They are necessary risks and there are unnecessary risks.
There are some risks you have to take because a great life requires it.
There are some risks you take because it is the nature of love to risk.
There are some risks you take for the sake of others.

Helen Keller quote on risk taking******

Almost anyone you point to, who is worthy of our admiration and respect, who is worthy of our followership - is a leader who has taken intelligence risks. It is risk-taking that advances life. It is risk taking that solves previously unresolved problems. It is risk taking that leads to discovery. It is risk taking that stirs new levels of creativity and innovation.

How about this great quote on living life full and large as a daring adventure (i.e. risk) from the inspiring Helen Keller . . . !

Risk . . .

I have a good friend who is taking a pretty interesting risk. it is an intelligent risk, a calculated risk, an exciting risk, a "full of potential" risk, and a risk that is in alignment with the advancing of his mission. Still, it is a risk. It comes with a cost. It comes with the possibility of not working out the way he hopes and prays. 

But . . . the potential fruitfulness that might emerge out of this...there is only one way my friend will ever know what might have been is by actually taking the risk.


And finally - how about you? What if you had been part of that small group of leaders to whom I posed my questions on risk? What would you have said? What would you have wanted to say?

Let's look forward to the coming week(s).
What intelligent risk is God inviting you to consider, pray over and then take?

I'll finish with the old blessings and prayer for you.


Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International

quote on risk, Jim Rohn