The Struggle

It is not an exaggeration to say that on a daily basis, as I interact with people, issues of Self-Awareness (and its ABSENCE) are at work. 

Behind my brief thoughts in this post, are some of my deepest understandings of the nature of our humanity and our experience of life.


There is wrongness in the world. There is evil within us and around us. There are dark forces of existence that resist what is Good, Beautiful and True.


These powers takes a variety of forms. We meet them in people, in systems and structures, and in the unseen spiritual world. When we look within, we discover these same powers have footholds in us.


We are not whole, nor are we free;  neither are we as wise or holy, or loving as we imagine ourselves to be. Appearances are projected but we struggle to maintain them. Inside us are fears, anxieties, disappointments, angers and more.


This is why we experience life as
supremely glorious and irritably messy.

Beckoning in potential and terrifying in its brokenness.

Laden with dignity and disfigured with depravity.

Hope and fear converge,

joy and despair kiss,

love and ego incessantly war.

This is our context, our trial, our test, our temptation.

Yet . . . in the END, all will be well.


No life exists apart from this realty. No good life will come about save through the struggles with these devils and demons, whether they are literal, metaphoric, physical, spiritual or autobiographic.


The writers of the great spiritual classics knew life is constant, vigorous struggle against those evils, as well as continual restful trust in the Presence that is already triumphant, but whose victory is not yet fully manifest.


Attentive to the Presence of God . . . joined with profound Awareness of your Self . . . and then Alert to the powers of devils in this world. This is required for all who would lead in the name of and for the sake of Christ.


So we struggle, we pray, we desire, we discern, we labor, we press on, we fall down, we are picked back up . . . and out small and secret acts of faithfulness are seen and loved by Jesus.


We are in this together and may you have contentment today,
knowing you are a part of the company of those in the pursuit of God
and His missional purposes in the world.


Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International