A Story in Leadership

Musician-Leader-Entrepreneur Peter Shapiro
I love stories. You do too.
I love stories about leadership. Since you read this blog, I assume you do as well.
I love stories about music (since I love music and play the guitar and bass). That may not be your area of interest. 
But for me . . . put together a story about leadership and music and that is a winner.

So, when I recently read this GREAT story about Peter Shapiro and his Brooklyn Bowl project - I read it several times. I thought I would just give you the link that will take you to the FastCompany story. Enjoy.

7 Lessons Brooklyn Bowl's Founder Learned the Hard Way

Like all the posts and articles on leadership, the real transformation happens when you take the best ideas, discern what is most personal and particular to you, and apply it to your life.

What are your best take-away lessons from the article that can be applied to your situation?

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International