Spiritually Tone Deaf?


As a worship leader, I would occasionally come across someone who couldn't carry a tune in a bucket.  They were what the dictionary refers to as 'tone deaf'; "unable to distinguish differences in pitch in musical sounds when producing or hearing them". They would love to sing which made it hard for them to be on the worship team because of the dissonance it caused.  Even though God enjoys our worship when it is a joyful noise rather than a melodious song it still doesn't blend well when leading worship.

As I was recently reflecting on the concept of consolation/desolation I realized that there are some people who are not experiencing either.  They are what you might call 'spiritually deaf', unaware of what is going on inside of them spiritually, not able to hear their spiritual condition.  Ignatius was very concerned about these types of people because it is in our times of consolation and especially desolation that God can do the most transformative work in us.  If there is nothing that we are wrestling with there is also very little opportunity for growth. 

Although I'm not sure whether you can overcome 'tone-deafness' I do believe that we can overcome 'spiritual-deafness' with a heart that is open to God's still small voice.  Being aware that both the times of consolation and desolation can provide a canvas for God to paint an amazing picture of our lives.  That we can be changed and grow closer to him in the process.  Lord keep me aware that I can 'hear' you today.