Spiritual Leadership: Seeing Further

leadership vision, seeing further

While great leadership always involves more than seeing and the visionary aspect of the calling, it never means LESS than seeing quite a distance down the road.

This "sight" must not be at the service of a personal agenda, certainly not a vision that is mostly focused on the leader's self-interest. Instead the vision/seeing/imagination must be in the service of something great. A mission that is bigger, better and much beyond the individual leader.

This is what calls to the best leaders.
This is what nourishes, stimulates, stirs, provokes, motivates, inspires and stays with true Spiritual Leaders.

The vision of what they have been created in Christ Jesus to do... and the will to be sustained on that mission... to see it through to its culmination. At least, as much as is possible on earth.

As the current year is in its final throes... and as the new year looms... what do you see? What calls to you? How do you discern the way that Christ wants you to walk?

How passionate and joyful are you about walking that way?

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International