Spiritual Leadership: Never Idle in the Work of Christ

Charles Spurgeon, for those who are not familiar with his name, was one of the great Calvinist-Baptist preachers of England.
He was a man of prodigious ability as well as debilitating illness. He suffered immensely from physical ailments. He was one of the early great "mega-church" preachers. He had a rare gift of proclaiming powerful truth in compelling and interesting ways.  There are 86 volumes of his writings, with over 60 of them holding his sermons (over 3500 sermons).

Spurgeon is famous for his witty one-liners. I don't think he was trying to be witty. It is just that his ability to communicate in clear and compelling ways made them roll out of his fertile mind and off his tongue so easily.

Spurgeon had a passion for the training of a new generation of preachers and opened a college devoted toward that end. I have read the multi-volume Lectures to My Students and have enjoyed them greatly. (You can get them virtually free on Kindle.)

Here is one thought from Spurgeon... a one-liner if you will, that describes spiritual leadership.

If you are idle in Christ's work, you are active in the Devil's work.

Black and white, night and day, cut and dry, for Christ or against him.

If you are for Christ, then get about the work and ministry of Christ and do not let up. Rest and Sabbath are of course part of the work of Christ... but laziness, slothfulness, and lukewarmness concerning the work of Christ are not!

Spiritual leadership takes the long view and the diligent view.

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International