Spiritual Leadership: Leading With Great Love

Elizabeth 1
Though God hath raised me high, yet this I count the glory of my crown: that I have reigned with your loves. And though you have had, and may have, many mightier and wiser princes sitting in this seat; yet you have never had, nor shallhave any that will love you better.

At the highest of motivations, reasons and purposes for leadership - there is precious little that is equal to that of LOVE. And a kind of love seen in this statement from Queen Elizabeth 1. She acknowledges that leaders in the past and leaders yet to be may be stronger, more gifted, wiser and more able to lead than she has been. Yet of one thing Elizabeth is convinced: There has not been, nor will there be a leader who will have the amount of love for those led and ruled, than does Elizabeth!

What a claim to stake out!
What a claim worth staking out!

Loving those you lead. Leading out of a sincere love, a rich affection, a warm consideration, a heart that delights in and aches for the well being of those who are being led. 

This of course is the deep motivation behind all that Jesus did. God so loved the world that he gave us Jesus. Jesus so loved the world that he came. Jesus so loved the lost that he was willing to let go of the very privileges of DEITY, and be made as a man and a servant. Jesus so loved those he came to seek, that he was willing to serve them to the point of sacrificial death on a torturous cross.

Greater love has no leader than this - that they lay their life down for those they lead. That is what Jesus did (paraphrased of course).

Greater love has no leader than this - they the leader lay down her or his life, not just for friends, followers and raving fans... but they lovingly sacrifice for the sake of their opponents, resisters, nay-sayers, and critics.

Now that is LOVE.
That is Spiritual Leadership at its finest, in the imitation of God in Christ.

So why are you leading? . . . . . .

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International