The Spiritual Leader: One Who Worships

The single most essential Heart Posture and Habitude required for Spiritual Leadership, is simply, that the leader be a worshipper.

To be a worshipper means you acknowledge there is ONE who is greater than you.
There is One you serve.
One you follow.
One you obey.
One to whom you listen.
One to whom you turn.
One in whom you trust.
One who is the source of strength and wisdom.
One who rewards and blesses.
One who holds you accountable.
One who has entrusted you with much.
One before Whom you are humble.
One, Who in His presence, you bow down (with great joy).


Anyone who would be a spiritual leader, in whatever role you may occupy - if you are NOT a Worshipper - you will never be a true Spiritual Leader.

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International