So Which Way Is It?

change will lead to insightAt times it is obvious which thing comes first and which comes second. So we have the proverb, "Don't put the cart before the horse."

Other times, it is harder to know which comes first . . . for example, the chicken or the egg? Well, I suppose Christians would say God created chickens, not that he created chicken containing eggs.  But you know what I mean.

There are some times when we put one thing first and are quite sure we have the order right. Most of us assume that FIRST you gain insight. Then, after the insight comes the needed change. Insight leads to change. Insight is first, change is second. I won't dispute that. I will qualify it... with a major qualifier. For sometimes, it is the exact opposite.

Sometimes, change happens first then the insight emerges out of the change. 

Erickson believes it happens more often that way. I think he is on to something. For three reasons:

(1)  Because most of us know far more than we live and practice. We have insights that have born no fruit in our lives. We have learned something but not applied it. We believe something but don't demonstrate it. We hear sermons, we are taught lessons, we read good books - all loaded with insight - but nothing happens with that insight.

(2)  Because when change happens . . . well - you change. When what you do changes, then what you understand, what you believe, how you see things changes as well. 

(3)  The educational approach of PRAXIS believes in reflection in the midst of action. Learning is not something best done in the isolation of a classroom or a study. Learning is best done in the midst of action. For action is life in motion and life in motion is life in transition. That means change.

How about you? What changes have you been thrust into, and out of that change came new insight?
And are you currently in a time of change?
If so - what new insights are emerging?

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International