Smart People Know How Much They Need to Learn

Life Long Learning, Note 03
When INTELLIGENCE is combined with HUMILITY - that is a beautiful and powerful combination. Unfortuanately, too often that combination is absent. Intellectual pride is certainly a problem...a rampant one at that. In many cases:

Smart people tend to want to be seen as "smart."
Smart people don't like to be wrong.
Smart people are offended when others challenge their "smarts."

But Smart and Humble people - now that is differnet!
They are the life long learners.
They are the ones who are wide open to learning from any and all sources.
They are the ones who don't mind being corrected. After all, it is not about being right, it is about learning and growing. 

Maybe the goal is not to be smart, but to be Wise. For the wise are the humble, thoughtful, integrated people. When it comes to intelligence and wisdom, it is a little bit like holiness. The Apostle Paul rightly said, "I am the greatest of sinners."  Paul - really! You seem to be quite saintly. But the most holy people are those who have seen the Most Holy God and know how far short they fall. The more you see the holy God, the more you know how "unholy you are."

life long learning, humble intelligence, wisdomThe Wise are the same. The wiser one becomes, the more their wisdom includes knowing how much they don't know. This true knowledge of self does for the wise what it did for Paul. 

It fosters Humility.
It nurtures Desire for More.
It launches Renewed Pursuits of what is  Desired.

LifeLong Learners are always those who know how much they do not know (humble). They are always those who are hungry to learn more (desire). They are always those who are highly intentional and wisely strategic about their learning (renewed pursuits).

So - how are you doing?

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International