Six Simple Ways to Improve as a Communicator

Leaders Must Communicate VERY WELL...
if they want to be effective and fruitful in their leadership!

I don't know if this is the most important leadership task, but it is sure deserves consideration in your Top Three Must Do Very Well Skills.

  • If you have great ideas, but can't communicate them - your ideas won't be useful.
  • If you are a great strategist, but can't communicate your strategy to others - they won't get it.
  • If you are comfortable with change and know how to lead change, but can't communicate why and how change must happen - then it won't.
  • If you have profound developmental insights for how learning and transformation occurs - but can't effectively share and transfer those insights - ditto.

You get the picture.

Communication is a skill that makes possible most of the "other leadership tasks." Some of that communication is private, personal, one to one and one with a few others. Then, some communication is public speaking to larger groups (size may ranger from a dozen to hundreds or more). 

Fear of public speaking is a common fear.

Inadequacy in public speaking is a real and frequent problem.

Lack of awareness about one's skill as a public speaker is another big problem. Studies reveal that those who do public communication tend to over-estimate the effectiveness of their speaking ability.

So I am always reading about communication and working to improve as a communicator.

Here is a short article from Fast Company: Six Simple Ways to Improve the Way You Speak. Short articles like this are reminders, prompts and nuggests of inspiration to keep working at the craft of public communication.

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International