Sharpen the Saw Daily

by Reading, Thinking, Writing, Conversing & Acting

I know you are familiar with the famous quote by Francis Bacon.

Here Francis lists three of my FIVE.
Reading fills your mind with the best ideas.
Conference (or conversation) is how you process your ideas and see how others respond.
Writing is the way you sharpen your own positions about your best ideas.

I add THINKING... even though Francis presupposes that thinking is included in his three. I don't want to make that assumption, for I believe we read without thinking, we certainly talk too much with little to say, and as for writing - all you have to do is observe typical Social Media (Facebook, Tweets, etc.) to see how little thinking is beind our "postings."

And then ACTING... for the entire point of reading, thinking, conversting and writing is so we may then act with the Best Actions, Lead With the Best Choices, and Obtain the Best Results.

I am aware of too many leaders who spend most of their time acting, but very little of their time in Sharpening the Saw (by the way - from Stephen Covey's great book - The Seven Habits. To Sharpen the Saw is to do the work of investing in your own learning processes. Leaders have to learn. Leaders how to figure out the ways of getting the Best Ideas, as soon as possible and then figuring out how to lead from and with those Best Ideas.

When you don't Sharpen the Saw - you become predictable, routine, stuck, outdated and eventually irrelevant. So here is a little check-list for you to use every single day.

Use this Checklist Every Day for the Next 30 DAYS and see what happens.

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International

LCI - Helping You Sharpen the Saw Every Day