Serendipity: When good and beautiful things unexpectedly happen.

This is not a word you hear in day to day conversation.
It means there are good and beautiful things that happen, but they are unexpected. It is not something we make happen. It is not something we work to bring about. Serendipity is simply GOOD STUFF that just happens. 

I have seen serendipity in recent days. In each case, it was serendipity for those who were in suffering. Bad things had occurred. There was suffering in the works. Then, in the midst of that pain, a gift was given. A blessing splashed into the circumstances. An unexpected visitor. An unforeseen encounter. A ray of hope. A random act of kind love.

I believe serendipity happens - a lot! We don't always have eyes to see it when it happens. Nor do we always have the heart-set (mindset / worldview) to understand the meaning of this serendipitous stuff.

For the follower of Christ, we should understand all SERENDIPITY as a gift of grace. It is beauty, mercy and love bestowed from a God of grace, mercy, love and beauty. It is goodness that comes from the hands of a good God.

When the Book of Romans says that God causes all things to work together for the good of those who love him, it is a forecast that Serendipity is coming our way. When bad things happen, they are softened and mitigated by Sovereign Serendipity that is at work... often secretly, behind the scenes, incognito, hidden... but powerful.

For the non-Christian, they sort of settle for "chance," or "fate" or "accident" as the reason for the unexpected gift. 

Impersonal chance or Sovereign Love - take your pick. I know what I choose.

How beautiful to know there will be serendipity sprinkled through your week, seasoning your life.

How awesome to know that the Sovereign Love of God will often use you, as his instrument-vessel of serendipity for the sake of someone else. 

I pray you will both receive such serendipity and be sent as serendipity for the sake of others.

Praise God from whom all Serendipity flows.


Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International