The Science of Great Ideas and Rapid Skill Learning

There are a number of sites that have subscriptions that I receive on a daily basis. While these articles are often quite a bit longer then most of my daily posts, from time to time I find an article that I think is worth sharing. Today I am providing links for two very good articles.

First -- The Science of Great Ideas: How to Train Your Creative Brain.
I am always vitally interested in the creative process. Thinking outside the box, imaginative thinking, design thinking, systems thinking - all with an innovative bent. This is a longer article, with a little bit of vocabularly on how the brain works. But it is quite accesible.

Second -- Can You Really Learn a Skill in a Week?
While this article is fascinating and I think there are important "points" to learn and apply... I am a bit skeptical. This one seems to be some of the MICROWAVE, POP-Approaches that North Americans are so fond of. But... worth reading, pondering and trying.

I hope you find both articles stimulating and useful. Remember, the daily, steady attention to learing and personal growth (even if it is 10-15 minutes of focused learning) pays off as time goes on. Keep sharpening your saw (Stephen Covey, Habit # 7).

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International