The Real Reason for our Failures

The Late (and very Great) Dallas Willard had this perceptive insight.

Now let us try a subversive thought.
Supose our failures occur,
not in spite of what we are doing,
but precisely because of it.
(The Divine conspiracy, pp. 40)

There are times when we fail because we have a great vision, great strategy, great tactics and we simply fall short in implementing them. They would really work well, if we just did them. This is where "turning the flywhell" (Jim Collins) is helpful. We know what to do and how to do it. We must simply KEEP DOING IT until it begins to generate the desired results.

If only it were always that easy.

Willard reminds us that it is not always that easy.

Sometimes, our failure is because we are doing the wrong things. Or we are doing the right things in wrong ways. Misguided vision, outdated strategies, inadequate tactics, failure to understand the new world that is emerging and how quickly our best methods go out of date. 

In particular, we struggle in the very things that brought us PAST success. The things that brought about fruitfulness in the past, will not necessarily do the same thing today. In fact, past success is often the greatest obstacle to PRESENT and FUTURE success.

This requires a lot of discernment, and doing (again from Jim Collins) a brutal confrontation with the facts.

So why are you not getting the success you are looking for?

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International