Is Reading Really That Important?


During The Gathering I talked about reading, active reading, reading that engages the author that actually connects with the author.  I have to admit that I haven't been that active.  Sure I have read a lot of books, probably close to 4-5 per month.  That's pretty good compared to what I used to read but the reality is that I haven't been that engaged.  I have seen a lot of words in each of those books, knew what the words said, but I didn't read in a way that would make it part of me. 

I recently read a definition of lectio divina from Discovering Lectio Divina.  Wilhoit and Howard write "Lectio divina is the reading of a lover: the relaxed waiting that is as attentive to the relationship as it is to the text".  How great is that definition?  Oh that I would be as intentional in both of those pursuits, not just to mark another book off as being read.  It also states that "It is where reading and prayer are bound together". I sure seems that our lives and walks would be radically transformed if we read and studied in this way.  That's my desire, that is how I want to engage the scripture.  Will you join me in that?