Problem Solving: Asking Why, Why, Why, Why and Lastly - Why?

Problems Exist
Problems make life harder.
Problems need solutions.
Leaders are those who have responsibility in solving problems and in helping others solve problems.

We all know that. Now the question is - what are the best ways to solve problems?

One of the very good techniques I have used for years, especially when I am coaching, is to ask the Five Why Questions. It is actually the same question, but asked five times so the search goes deeper and deeper to find the root causes of a problem.

When you stop asking WHY when you give your first answer, you have a premature, superficial understanding of the problem and its causes. 

Here is a nice illustration for how to use the Five Why Approach to Problem Solving.

After you read the article, immediately identify a problem you are facing and put this approach to work. See what you come up with.

BONUS QUOTE on Problem Solving... from a Master Problem Solver

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International