Pray As You Go - The Stations of the Cross

Pray as you go Stations of the CrossPray as You Go is a well known and highly used website for daily prayer. While I do not use it on any kind of regular basis (my own regula of spiritual formation avoids social media), still, for many people it will be a wonderful experience.

Then, from time to time, they have special resources that are outstanding. If you are moved by beautiful classical music, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND to you this collage of music, scripture, prayer, spiritual reflections and guidance that takes you through ten Stations of the Cross. 

This will take you some time to go through.

You could do two stations a day. Doing this will you will want to have about 30 minutes a day for the two reflections and your own journaling

Or you could take a longer, extended time and have the entire experience in one sitting. This may be a very moving way to have this experience. You can easily listen to the ten stations and finish this journey in 80 minutes. 

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International

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