Pope Francis: Life and Revolution

Pope Francis, God forgive you you don't know what you've done

God forgive you, you don't know what you've done.
These are the friendly, joking and yet profoundly prophetic words from Jorge Bergoglio to his "brother cardinals" after dinner with them on the day of his succession to being Pope Francis.

I recently read the excellent biography on Bergoglio/Francis by Argentine reporter Elisabetta Pique, who has followed his ministry career for a long time, and who was/is a personal friend of the Pope.

I highly recommend this biography for anyone who wants to know more about the man who is providing revolutionary, reformational leadership to the Roman Catholic Church. There are a few times when the non-Latin American reader may skip over too many details about his ministry as a priest, bishop, arch-bishop and cardinal in Argentina. But even most of that is illuminating of the heart of Pope Francis.

Once the story gets to his early months as the new Pope, it is very, very good.

  • Pope Francis is going to bring renewal to his church that desperately needs it.
  • Pope Francis is going to restore the ministry of those called to be priests - above all - shepherd the people, in and outside of the flock.
  • Pope Francis is going to return the church to the poorest of the poor (much like Francis of Assisi.

Life and Revolution Francis a biography, Elisabetta PiqueHe will be a religious leader well worth a careful and close attention.

I will have a few brief thoughts on the leadership way of Pope Francis in the next several posts.

Check out the biography, Life and Revolution: Francis, by Elisabetta Pique.

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International