Photo Jolts! Image Based Activities (Brief Review)

Here is a Shout Out or maybe a "Look Out" for 
Photo Jolts: Image Based Activities That Increase Clarity, Creativity and Conversation. I ordered this book right away after reading about it in a Zen Presentation blog. You definitely want to get the Kindle version of this one, due to the many links to outstanding images and videos. While I prefer reading most of my books in the paper version, using old-fashioned pen to do my thinking in the book, there are some books that are just designed to be super-charged in a digital version. This is one of them.

By the way, check out this site to learn a lot more about Photo Jolts.

Here is the main idea. Images are powerful. They can and should be used in a wide variety of coaching, training and teaming sessions. This is the how-to guide. It is truly a HOW TO BOOK, loaded with resources, bright ideas and best practices. There are 51 chapters that cover various activities, needs and interests. Every chapter follows the same outline.

  • There is a brief explanation of the theme and focus.
  • The purpose of the activity is described.
  • There is a list of training topics for a variety of formats.
  • Then there are multiple suggestions for how to carry out a meaningful suggestion (extremely practical, although repetitious)
  • There is a great section called Variations which gives many great alternative ways to carry out the activity
  • There are samples of what it looks like.
  • And more.

I love images. I am a visual learner and a visual communicator. I am already "pretty skilled" in working with images. BUT... Photo Jolts was a supercharge (jolt) and I can hardly wait to start using their ideas. I have several strategic sessions coming up with different teams and individuals, as well as several courses I am teaching. I came away with practical ideas for just about every scenario I will have in the next two weeks.

If you are a communicator, or coach or trainer who is looking to upgrade your toolbox and your presentations - this is a highly suggested resource.

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International