Part Of the Solution or the Problem?

My father was not known for his command of poetry but there was one poem that he taught my brothers and me that has stuck with me over the years.  These past three weeks of governmental gridlock and government shutdown reminded my of the poem.

As I was walking through a town,  I saw some men tearing a building down

I asked the foreman "Are these men skilled,?"  "No indeed, common labor is all I need"

"I can tear down in a day or two, What it takes talented men years to build"

And so as I left that town, I asked myself, "Am I building up or tearing down?

It's a great question.  The global leadership crisis we find ourselves living in right now is foundationally related to a misconception.  Am I part of the problem or part of the solution?  Am I adding to the potential options to resolve conflict or am I stirring things up for my selfish objectives?  It is a sad state of affairs when our so called 'leaders' inflict more pain on those who can least shoulder it.  

John Hilliard

Leadership Connextions International