Overcoming Your Addiction to Praise

C.S. Lewis quote, prideEvery now and then I run across an article that is seriously inadequate in its analysis and prescription of the problem. That happened yesterday when I read a blog on the theme of overcoming one's addiction to praise. You can read it HERE.

There are three quite positive things I would say about the article.

1.  It sees the need for praise as a problem.

2.  It sees the ADDICTION to needing praise as a serious problem.

3.  It believes you can (and should) take action about this problem.

Now, what is weak is the particular action steps provided. It reveals a weak understanding of pride and vanity, and an inadequate transformation process. 

This is where the wisdom of the Christian faith has so much more to offer all who are addicted to praise. Two books I recently read would be wonderful allies in helping you address this issue.

One is Humiltas by John Dickson. While Dickson is a Christian, this book is written for a larger audience is not explicitly Christian. However, it is highly compatible with the Christian faith, sort of like an apologetic that whets the appetite and invites the reader to go deeper. Click here for a short review of the book.

The other, much more distinctly Christian approach (theologically, spiritually and psychologically) is Vainglory: The Forgotten Vice by Rebecca DeYoung. This is a simply spectacular book.

I appreciate articles like the one I referenced, but we must also offer a fuller assessment of the sickness and its cure. Of this sickness, its cure is quite impossible apart from the transforming grace of God in and through Christ.


Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International