Out of Rhythm and the Maintaining of Habits

Wow have I ever been off my routines. It has been about two months now. I am talking about finess and diet.

Two months ago (and a bit longer) I hurt my back pretty bad. So that stopped the exercise routines which were a daily part of my schedule. I work out 5-6 days a week. I was getting healthier, dropping weight, good cardio vascular, good tone... then the back problem. Oh by the way. I hurt my back, not at the gym, but at my office, bending to pick up my briefcase.


So that lingered for sometime.
Then I had a trip overseas that took me away for 8 days.
I came back tired and within two days was sick. It turns out with bronchitis. So no workout during that time.
Then I went an another international trip, only this one was 12 days.

I got back, tired, behind on everything and with Thanksgiving a few days away. So no working out (or eating well) that week.

Finally a week after Thanksgiving, I got a workout in.
Ugh. Ouch. and so on.

Here are the lessons.

No matter how good your rhythm and routines - you can get out of them.

When you get out of them, you can get by for awhile, but the longer you are out of them, the more the decline. 

The longer you are out of them, the harder it is to get back in them. I really did not want to workout the first time I went back. 30 minutes into my workout, I really did not want to be there. But I got an hour in and then left. Tired. Sore... but glad I did it...

But, the re-routining process has to go on. It is not a given that I will get back in my routines. I believe I will. i want to. I made the hardest choice and that was to get started.

These things are true whether it is exercise, diet, spiritual formation, learning, ministry, a relationship - ANYTHING. 

Routines are important - don't ever minimize how important they are. We need to form Habits of the Heart and they take time. And, they can be neglected and diminish.

It is still early in December.

What routines of exercise and eating and rest and formation do you NEED to start doing today? Don't let the entire month go by so you are even further behind after Christmas.

Grace and Strength to Everyone

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International