One Word

One Word that will change your lifeJUST ONE WORD!
Sometimes the short, simple, and FOCUSED is the way to go. A friend got me a copy of the book One Word That Will Change Your Life. It is actually an article turned into a book that will make its authors a LOT of $$$.

On the POSITIVE SIDE... it is definitely worth doing. There is power in simplicity. The benefit will be in day after day reflecting on and living into the One Word you choose to be your focus for the year. Discern the word and then just relentlessly follow that word. Orient your life around it. That simple. I think there is real benefit. Next year, find a new word... Repeat year after year.

On the CAUTION SIDE... We North Americans love simple, short, easy, pragmatic, optimistic, results guaranteed... It is rarely "that simple." I think this works when people figure out (and here is where the detail and complexity come in, which the authors don't guide you on) is the implementation and advancing of your word. But with that said: Definitely worth checking out. You have nothing to lose by trying it... and a lot to gain.


Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International