One Man You Should Listen To

charles malikand I am willing to bet many of you have never heard his name.
He is Charles Malik. He held many high positions of leadership in his native country of Lebanon, as well as in the United Nations and a variety of organizations. He was academically trained as a philosopher and was theologically wise. Politician, humanitarian, scholar, intellectual, author, and witness - this was Charles Malik.

Here are excerpts from a longer statement from Malik. I gave it a little arrangement and formatting so it would be more easily read on the internet.

There is truth, and there is falsehood.
There is good, and there is evil.
There is happiness, and there is misery.
There is that which ennobles, and there is that which demeans.
There is that which puts you at harmony with yourself, with others, with the universe, and with God, and there is that which alienates you from yourself, from the world, and from God.

These things are different and separate and totally distinguishable from one another. 
Truth is not the same as falsehood, happiness is not the same as misery.
The great error in modern times is the confusion between these orders.

How do we become true and good,
happy and genuine,
joyful and free?
Only by getting in touch with the good, true, happy, genuine human beings.

Read the Psalm and the Gospels reverently and prayerfully every day, and I guarantee you two things: first that you will experience in your own life and being a taste of what is beautiful and strong and certain and free; and second, you will then develop a sharpness of vision to differentiate between the true and the phony, between the beautiful and the hideous, between the noble and the mean.  (Charles Malik)

This is the work of spiritual formation, moral discernment, wise living and prophetic speaking to a world that helplessly blurs and confuses good and evil. But it takes work. As Malik suggests, the Psalm and Gospels are the place to start for formation, discernment, wisdom and prophetic leadership.

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International