A Not So Very Good Morning

Which was Actually a Quite Good Morning in the End

C.S. Lewis quote, pride, love, humility

It was this past Monday morning. On Monday morning I work on the chapter in Jesus Encounters: Embracing the Life of Christ. This week it was on the subject of humility and pride. Ouch. Boy was I convicted. What makes this at least a little ironic is that I wrote the material! I researched it. Thought about it. Wrote it. Edited it. Edited it some more. Now I was doing the work of spiritually engaging it. 

Uggh. It is a lot simpler to read, think, write and preach on a subject then to engage with it in such a way that it digs in deep, burrowing into the dark nooks and hidden crannies of the soul.

It was a very powerful time. Hard, challenging, humbling -- that's is good - right? That is what is suppose to happen when we reflect and chew on the theme of humility.

Then, after 90 minutes or so in that time of devotions, I then turned to do some final exegetical study of Romans 1:18-32 which I will be teaching in two days. I had done a lot of thinking on this already, but wanted to check out a few more commentators. 

Wow! Powerful, daunting, in-your-face Gospel truth about idolatry, sexual impurity and a wide diversity of social/interpersonal sins. As I was reading the list of 24 or so sins that end the section - I hit me how much humility is needed to hear the truth about oneself. We rush so quickly to get the strong medicine of grace that we skim and skip over the surface of the murky waters of our heart. 

I was also hit in a very good way about the power of Scripture as it is used by the Holy Spirit to pierce and penetrate, to illumine and guide, to wound and to heal everything in our life.

What are you reading and working through?
What reflections are being used by God to plough up the furrows of the heart?
What illuminations are shining forth from the Spirit of Christ?

When these difficult, not so very good truths are imprinted -- it turns out that is the very thing we needed all along. God took me through painful challenge to loving comfort. Of course a little repentence was thrown into the mix of that process.

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International