A New Way to Think

. . . is needed for a New Way of Being!

We want to become New People. How does that happen? How do you change? How do you grow? How do you develop? How do you overcome bad habits that hold you down? Let's be very honest . . . Change, Growth, Development, Transformation - these are hard things indeed. And the way to real and lasting change will involve a great deal of work.

And PART of that process is changing the Mental Maps that you have believed and lived by.
It is the renewing of your mind...
it is being enlightened about things of which you were once in darkness...
it is letting go of self-deception and foolish ideas that are epidemic in our culture...
It is about gaining the "mind of Christ" ...

Notice that Williamson says, "You must MASTER a new way to think."

I want to emphasize the word "MASTER." You must gain deep and wide understanding. You must wrestle and reason and reflect and pray and discern and do it some more. Mastery of new ideas, and especially, mastery of the teaching of God in the Scripture takes time.

Learning is a process that requires time, hard work, desire and discipline, the input from mentors and teachers, reading, practicing, conversations with others who are in similar learning journeys. 

Which is, perhaps, why so many of never gain the mastery of the New Mind . . . and which is why we remain stuck in Old Ways of Being.

LCI develops curriculum and processes, and we provide mentored guidance for those leaders who are serious about Deep Change that comes from intensive learning.

So - what learning are you engaged in right now?
What new Mental Maps are you developing?
What New Being do you want to experience and live?

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International