The Mystique of Books

the library is what brings us closest to paradise on earth, Jacques Bonnet

The library is what brings us closest to paradise on earth. Jacques Bonnet

There is something wonderful about the great libraries. They are the symbols of knowledge, learning, the pursuit of wisdom, the results of research...

Really large libraries are like cathedrals. They are vast, spacious, soaring... and that makes their accumulation of "knowledge pursuits" even more wondrous. But one's personal library serves the same purpose, but on a smaller scale. When I look at the books on my shelves, they remind me of the greater wisdom of those who wrote them. They remind me of the "countless" other books on the same subject, that I have not yet read.

the emotions we have for books, cannot get rid of booksOne of my "problems" when I read a good book, is the references to books utilized by the author. I find so many leads to continue my reading and learning... of which 97% I can never follow up. So my collection reminds me of the far greater collection I have not read (nor will ever have time to do so). But, that is part of the mystique of the library. It whispers of the more learning that awaits.

And to part with one's books... that is unthinkable. They are friends. They are teachers. They are containers. They are memories. They are witnesses.

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International