Multiple Platforms, Different Jobs: The New Economy of Work

We Aren't in Kansas Any More!
It is a new world. Whether it is brave new world or a crazy new world... that is yet to be determined. But it is a new world.

Everything is changing. Constantly, continuously. The workplace is one of the epicenters of change. Here are two big changes.

One is in the frequency of job changes. My father worked at the same company his entire life. He rose up through the ranks to the highest level of leadership in his company at his location. When offered a promotion to a more senior role of leadership that would have meant relocation - he considered his family, his larger situation and decided to remain where he was. So, different roles, in the same company, at the same location - for about 35 years. He retired early.

Kansas has gone by-by.*

Today, the typical worker will not only have many differnt jobs at different companies. They will actually have 5-7 different careers. (By the way, some of this research is subject to criticism from others who study the labor force.) This is accelerating for millenials. Check this HR article which offers advice to keep talented millenials.

The second change is holding several different jobs, working for different organizations at the same time. There are many reasons for this which I wont' go into. I'll just refer you to another great article on this:  I Have Four Jobs...

This seems to be our new normal. Frequent job and career changes which means organizations will constantly be looking for Great Talent. And that Great Talent today often has multiple interests and are willing to have multiple platforms at the same time.

How does this line up with your own experience and what you see in the lives of others around you?

What do you think are the strengths and weaknesses of this for the workplace?

And for the long term healthiness of the individual worker?

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International

* If you are wondering about the Kansas references, watch The Wizard of Oz and The Matrix.